Perfect Kimchi Jjigae Kimchi

Check this beautiful stuff out: fermented kimchi, about five weeks old, soft and sour. There are usually two camps of kimchi eaters: fresh or fermented. I love fresh kimchi. My favorite part of making kimchi is smelling the finished product. That sample bite of cabbage just starting to wilt from the salting process, but still with a crunch and that killer combination of fresh garlic, ginger, and dried chili flakes, strong enough to even mellow the smell of fish sauce. When I smell that, I am reminded that there is nothing subtle about Korean food.

Even though I love fresh kimchi, I get excited about that last cup and a half of kimchi, what we call old kimchi in my house. I know it will saute nicely in sesame oil with some chopped up pork neck (Schweinehals), added garlic and a small blob of gochujang. Mmm. Recipe to follow.


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