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Maultaschen Montage

I’m closing out Maultaschen and Mandu March now…it is April after all. Here are my various posts on the topic:

Below are pictures from the above posts or from my efforts to try and taste every Mautaschen in Schwabenland.


Vegetarian Maultaschen with traditional Swabian potato salad sold at the Catholic church as a fundraiser.


Homemade pre-cooked vegan mandu.

Maultaschen Trio - Roter Ochsen in Ellwangen

Maultaschen Trio served at the Roter Ochsen in Ellwangen. One was cloaked in an omelette, one was in a cream sauce and the third was in a tomato sauce.

Maultaschen bei Forelle in Tuebingen

Traditional Maultaschen next to a Frikadelle served at Forelle in Tuebingen. One of the better ones.


Vegetarian Maultaschen made of fresh porcini mushrooms served in a light pesto sauce with other streamed vegetables at Forelle in Tuebingen. The Maultaschen looks more like ravioli, a tendency in vegetarian versions I’ve noticed.


Maultaschen soup at Landgasthof Lamm in Ebnat-Aalen. Lenny liked it. Lenny always likes it.

Cooked Maultaschen draining

Freshly cooked authentic Maultaschen draining on the cutting board.

Spinach Maultaschen served

Petra’s vegetarian Maultaschen.

Rolling Asian MaultaschenPetra’s Asian-style Maultaschen.

Kohlrabi assembled

Katja’s Kohlrabi Ravioli from Vegan for Fit.

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