Missing Ingredient

There is so much more to write and share here. I see the potential for several different projects that can be generated from expatkimchi and endless post ideas, and they are spilling onto random scribblings in the Clairefontaine notebook that I keep in my handbag, onto my spider-web of a google doc that I maintain for my writing ideas, and become buried in random notes on more than one app on my iPhone. I fear that I’m on the verge of remaining a talker but not a doer. Some of those ideas and dreams include putting together a cookbook of mostly vegan Korean recipes in English and another cookbook of Korean recipes that can easily be created in the German kitchen auf Deutsch. I am not there yet though. I have many more recipes to develop and lots of thoughts and ideas to transpose into enjoyable posts. I also feel a strong commitment to ensuring that each recipe is tried and tested. Did you listen to this recent Splendid Table show about how demoralising and negatively powerful a bad recipe, especially from a blog, can be? This is not one of those blogs.

I am taking a pause.

Mediocrity has been the demon I’ve been battling for the sake of this blog these last four weeks. Mediocre to utterly disappointing restaurant reviews and only-OK recipes from my kitchen including the much-awaited recipe for vegan kimchi. There are a number of vegan recipes which I worked on particularly while I was trying to observe Lent eating mostly vegan. (Basically between Ash Wednesday and Easter I cooked vegan for my husband and me, but if the kids had some leftovers such as half of a container of yoghurt left, then I would just eat that so it wouldn’t go to waste.) But there was always something missing: I was sipping at bland flavors rather than devouring comforting deliciousness. Going through a stretch of this can be pretty dissatisfying and I am now snapping out of it.

A long, cold and hard winter can be hard on the soul – a subversive force bringing down even the most upbeat optimist. But I feel safe saying that that’s all behind us now. We’ve in fact all been shocked into some summery spring days last week, not knowing what to wear and unsure of putting the winter jackets away. I’m encouraged by the change of seasons. At my market in addition to rhubarb, artichokes and the first of white asparagus, I’ve seen fresh crops of Chinese cabbage.

Spring cabbage

I saw this as a sign to veer away from that pre-Easter mediocre and disappointing direction. I haven’t given up on my cooking mojo, and as I said there is a bevy of information and ideas I am bursting to work on and share. Here is my shortlist of the ones I want to share in my next few posts:

  • comparing the online Korean grocery sites: Shinhan and Kmall
  • round up of my favorite Korean cooking blogs
  • one of my favorite recipes from one of these sites: Beyond Kimchee’s Chicken Teriyaki
  • the best and speediest kimchi recipe you can follow in Germany
  • and my new, favorite kitchen appliance. This time I think it’s for real. My Thermomix. I feel a bit like I’ve joined a cult, but I will tell you exactly why this is one worth singing freely in the streets about.

The other main reason for taking a blog pause right now is that my family and I will be moving in the next four weeks. We are making a considerable number of cosmetic changes to our new house. In addition, we are preparing to greet and host our new au pair from Korea. This in itself will create fodder for more expatkimchi posts. Things are coming to a critical juncture for us. All positive and a moment which I think will bring an end to the temporary, uncertain state that we have been living in since February of last year, when we learned that we would be moving back to Germany. I want a moment to help my kids have a nice, soft landing in this new sense of stability and feel like everyone’s underwear drawer is well-organised.

We’re going to leave those mediocre winter days behind. See you in four weeks and thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Missing Ingredient

  1. Good luck on the move! After the BYOB I thought of splitting my blog, but I decided to stick to one. Hope to see you there when you get back 🙂


  2. Oh, thank you! I am so glad to have found your blog again. I was checking the Kaas and Kimchi site. I will definitely follow you at Lemon and Peach now and we will connect more often. 🙂


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