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Happy New Year!

The year of the horse has just begun!

Perhaps you bowed deeply to your elders and got an envelope full of some cash in return along with words of wisdom, aspirations and wishes for your new year. If you gave the cash, take pride in reaching a milestone of success and adulthood. I hope the bowing was followed by a simple, steaming bowl of ddeok-guk.

2014 Lunar New Year Ddeok-guk

I hope you were invited to feast with family and friends who also celebrate the lunar new year – like your former neighbour from Malaysia.


Perhaps you ended the celebration with a variation on tradition. Switching things up a bit by making your own version of ddeokboki or ra-boki inspired by a blog post that caught your eye.

DSC01898 2014 is going to be a good year. Take good care of yourselves – work hard, eat well and love each other.

Happy new year from Vera

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