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Finding a Namaste Moment

I had a productive day yesterday of clearing out the moving boxes from my office, firing off a bunch of emails, spending time with relatively cooperative children, and completing my intended blog post by my planned deadline. In contrast, today has been one of those days when I didn’t feel like I moved forward at all. My morning didn’t go as I had originally thought due to children who didn’t sleep through the night, a last minute request to have coffee with a friend in need of urgent advice, and a last minute grocery store run. I don’t want to even think about the child who screamed while I tried to bring her to bed.

My girlfriend Sonny reminded me to be kind to crazy lady. Remember her? (She is always with us.) She reminded me as I expressed my frustrations in having difficulties focusing, that I’ve been living in the whirlpool of moving for the last two years, not a normal state of being. She even told me to take tonight off from blogging. What other advice did she give me? Take ten minutes to go outside and sit under a tree. I love this woman. I didn’t sit under the tree or go outside. But, I had some wine with my husband and decided to table my drafted post for another day. Instead, I found this photo of one of my children. Even with the headphones, there is a wonderful serenity to it. Namaste.

Meditating Stella


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