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Baking for Age Six

“Here we go again.” It’s that time of year. We’re celebrating Stella’s birthday. This time she’s turning six. I’ve baked twice already this week and that’s not it. I made a beloved standard, Nadia’s Morning Coffee Cake, which is an Italian-style winter fruits cake. Even though the recipe has Nadia’s name in it, I credit Marcella Hazan for it. We’ll eat this for breakfast tomorrow morning, the one opportunity that we can celebrate all together as a family. I then made another family classic, Banana Chocolate Muffins. Since it is a healthy recipe created by the nicest dieticians in podcastland, Janice and Liz of Meal Makeover Moms, I like to send these to kindergarten or school.

We’ll be having a small birthday party on Saturday, and I’ll be trying out a new recipe that the birthday girl has selected from a new cookbook I received from a dear friend for my birthday. Stella selected a chocolate semi-freddo terrine.

I’ll post about our menu for dinner later. It’s going to be good. Halmeoni, my mama, is here.


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