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Celebrating Six

As promised, here is a look at how we celebrated Stella’s sixth birthday.

Like we did two years ago, we sang happy birthday and had some cake for breakfast since my husband wasn’t going to be able to come home early for dinner.


My mother and I (mostly my mother) cooked all morning for dinner. She made the miyeokguk. This is a pot of birthday love.


It was quite a feast: chicken teriyaki, jabchae, fried zucchini (hobak jeon), and bindaeddeok along with the miyeokguk. In addition to my parents, my father-in-law was also there. I hope my girl felt extra special by all of the love.

DSC04910 DSC04913

My mother also made ddeok, which was delicious. She’s made it a few times, but this time it was really great. DSC04942

Tomorrow will be the last day in the NaBloPoMo challenge for me. I’m thinking about what the next challenge, of which there is no end, should be for me. Stay tuned for more.



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