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Finish Line

It is the end of the month. The last (week)day in October. Halloween. And it is the last day of the challenge I set for myself to blog every single week day of the month (starting whenever I did. I think it was the 8th or so). I am pleased and proud that I reached my goal, and I am relieved.

To be honest, I’m happy to be relieved of the duty to post every single night. It was starting to be a drag. I did try and occasionally succeeded in posting during the day, but more often than not, I found myself finally done with the regularly scheduled program of bringing my kids to bed after dinner and tidying the ten million toys, clothes and books strewn where they shouldn’t be so that I could sit down and catch up on everything else. Usually, I didn’t have much energy to do anything else. I suppose that is what made having a challenge so good. I probably wouldn’t have posted much at all had it not been for this commitment.

Anyway, I would usually finish off a started post or else dig one up, add photos, edit and press publish pretty bleary eyed. Often times, like tonight, this would make my chances of going to bed before 10 diminish.

So, I am quite glad to have more of a fighting chance to go to bed earlier. Maybe that should be my next publicly announced challenge. Jane posting her sleep log?( I don’t think that would be terribly interesting, but perhaps I should add it as a footnote somewhere to add some external pressure.)

In any case, I’ve of course been giving thought to what I’ll be doing with my time instead of blogging daily. Although burdensome by the end, the NaBloPoMo challenge was a good lesson in demonstrating how one can make the time to write when necessary. It still isn’t a whole lot of time convincing me that I can effortlessly whip out a PhD or something wild and crazy like that, but I figure that I should fill the gap with something that is more focused to what I want to be accomplishing.

I thought about NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month after reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. It seemed like a great idea when I read about her experience. I had never had aspirations to write a novel, but had just four weeks earlier had a creative surge: three characters of the same ethnic background (guess which one?) who had all been raised in an obscure religious denomination. It was fun to toy around with my characters, come up with embellishments, think of their trials and struggles, but then I realised that I don’t want to be doing this right now. It wasn’t just writing 1700 words every day. All of those words had to be strung together like a string of neatly strung pearls. I need to be doing something else right now.

I’m going to try writing my novel another month instead. I’ve even tapped a fellow aspiring children’s book author and college classmate to do this some time next year with me. Instead, I need to focus on the picture book manuscript I’ve completed and try completing the ones I’ve started. There is also the matter of the manuscript that I’ve been editing for some time now. A new year is going to start very soon, and it’s my desire to move these projects along or closer to off my desk rather than keep them buried before that Times Square ball drops.

While I won’t be writing here at the same frequency as I have been these past four weeks, I’ll still be dropping in more on a weekly basis. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to hear about.


4 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. I’ve done NaNoBloPoMo every November for the past 3 years, but I won’t be this year. I see a massive spike in people reading my blog but you’re right – it’s so much effort! I’d love to do NaNoWriMo some time.


    • Well, I for one am disappointed that you won’t be writing so frequently in November, but I hope that you enjoy the time that you are getting back this month!


  2. Curious about your schedule – do you normally make it to bed before 10:00 pm? And when do you have to get up? I am struggling with our constant 6:00 am waketime this year.


    • Not by a long shot. If I am in bed by 10:30, that is good for me. I feel the difference. I have great lists and tips to make it to bed earlier and to fall back asleep more quickly if I am woken in the middle of the night. It has helped with the latter problem, but going to bed earlier is my ongoing challenge. I take time to do yoga for at least 10 minutes before bed and that has helped in improving the quality of my sleep. I guess I’ll write about this next!


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