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The Au Pair Saga
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The Au Pair Saga

As I hinted in my previous post, that Korean au pair of ours was a big ol’ bust. It’s funny, because an reader, Maria commented back in May, perhaps foreseeing the fate of our family with this au pair, that this concept didn’t exist in Korean culture, while wishing us luck. We knew this … Continue reading

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Korean-language Immersion

This post was originally drafted in June. I’m posting it now (October) since it gives you a snap shot of where I was at this point in life. I will definitely post an update soon as there is a lot more to tell! Thanks for waiting! ************************************ If I didn’t speak Korean before, I certainly … Continue reading


Expat Moving

A common aspect to expat life is moving. In the last nine months, my family and I have moved house four times. We have just completed the last move for now, moving from our temporary flat in the city into the house we bought in our desired neighbourhood. We are lucky. Not only did we … Continue reading